Jubilee Picnic and other news.

First of all, we are sad to hear that Joy Everington passed away on Sunday, 5th June. Joy was President of the Federation following many years as Treasurer and Secretary. She was also a well respected judge and will be missed. The Federation Chairman, Derek Tarrant, has shared this tribute with us;

Joy.  My friend from Horticulture, a rather stern lady on the outside, but when you worked with her and talked of other things in life, it became a pleasure to know her.

The Dorset Federation of Horticultural Society would probably not be so well known, but for the tremendous amount of work Joy put in to it over many years.  Finally and quite rightly, as a reward for all the work, became the President.

Her work as a Judge was second to none and she gave advice and knowledge to many others.

The horticultural world in the South and West is now a poorer place without her.

Thank You Joy.

We will miss you.

                               Rest in peace.


On a happier note, The Jubilee Picnic was enjoyed by members on 2nd June,  a lovely sunny afternoon in Immy and Bob Turner’s garden. Many thanks to them.

We have a break now until the Summer Show on 20th August. Details and schedule can be found on the ‘shows’ link. Copies of the schedule are also available from the Show Secretary, 813942. You will see that we have continued the Jubilee theme in the Floral Decoration classes.

Platinum Jubilee Photos;