Plant Sale

Broadwey, Upwey & District Horticultural Society Plant SaleOur annual Plant Sale takes place at 2pm on Saturday 13th May 2023 at the Memorial Hall, Victoria Avenue, Upwey.
Any member can have their own stall to sell their own plants or preserves etc.,

Guidance for Growers

There will be three categories for entering plants:

  1. Plants will be donated to the Society and all proceeds to go to the Society’s funds.
  2. The Society will sell the plants, retaining 20% of the takings, and members will receive the remaining 80% as an incentive for supplying them and in order to offset expenses. This system can only work if each plant container has two labels. One must bear the plant name, variety and price, and the other the grower’s name and price. The first label will go to the customer and the second will form the basis for repaying the grower. It would help a great deal if this second label were coloured.
  3. Members will sell their own plants on their own stall. The stall will be free but 20% of all takings will be donated to the Society.
Plants should be well rooted; free from pests and diseases; in clean, suitably sized pots; and in good quality compost.
Prices should reflect the need to simplify problems of giving change and to assist in the quick addition of totals.