Tamarisk Farm Walk

Tamarisk Farm WalkThe day of the walk around Tamarisk Farm had arrived. The weather up to 4.30pm had been fine, then it started to rain. Gently at first.
People were asking
” Is the walk still on?”
Yes was my answer. I didn’t think a farmer would worry about a few spots of rain. An intrepped band of horticulturists began the walk, which turned out to be a very enjoyable and informative evening.

Tamarisk FarmAdam Simon, the farmer, led the walk and his knowledge and enthusiasum quickly made
us forget the rain. Simon’s approach to farming made you stop and think. It may not be practical for the demands of the consumer today, but we still need farmers to create and maintain for future generations an alternative to intensive farming.

Tamarisk FarmSimon Adam showed, through conservation, how you can farm side by side with nature instead of fighting it.

The wild flowers, including several species of orchids,in his meadows brought back memories from childhood, when you were allowed to pick and bring home prized specimens to press and put into books.

The two hour walk ended with a very much appreciated cup of tea in the farm kitchen. Logs burning in the grate, dogs asleep in front of the fire and horticulturists drying out. A perfect summer evening in England!