Saturday, 21st March, 2015 at 2.00pm – The Memorial Hall, Victoria Avenue, Upwey

Awards were presented at 4.00pm by Mr. E. Manton, Vice-President of our Society

BUDHS 2015 Spring Show Schedule

For more information about the show please email Eve Morris at shows@budhs.org.uk

Broadwey, Upwey & District Horticultural Society Spring Show 2012


Class 1: 1st, £15; 2nd, £10; 3rd, £5 vouchers. Kindly sponsored by Poundbury Gardens

Class 2: 1st, £6; 2nd, £3; 3rd, £1. Kindly sponsored by Mrs G Wilkinson

Class 3: 1st, £10; 2nd, £5; 3rd, £2.50. Kindly sponsored by the Read family

Class 4: 1st, £3; 2nd, £2; 3rd, £1. Kindly sponsored by Mr and Mrs B Taylor 

Classes 62 to 65: 1st, £2; 2nd, £1; 3rd, 50p. Kindly sponsored by Mrs E Taylor and Mrs G Wilkinson.

Class 68: Best exhibit, £4. Kindly sponsored by Mrs S Knight

Class 71 to 73: 1st, £1.50; 2nd, £1; 3rd, 75p. Kindly sponsored by Mr J Morris

Class 77: 1st, £3; 2nd, £2; 3rd, £1. Kindly sponsored by Mrs. S. Knight

All other Classes: 1st, 80p; 2nd, 60p; 3rd, 40p


All Classes: 3, 2, 1


Junior Cup, Highest Points, Children’s Classes                                                   Jasper Brown

Downer Cup. Best Photographic Print                                                                         Meg Rolfe

Nottington Cup. Best Exhibit, Handicrafts                                                           Jacky Frame

Littlemead Cup. Highest Points, Preserves and Cookery                                    Josie Brown

Ridgeway Cup. Highest Points, Propagation                                                          Bill Howarth                                                                                                                                                         Shield. Highest Points, Novice Section            Chris Warner, Anna Banks and Gill Wilkinson

Best Exhibit, Floral Art                                                                                        Dennis Dunford

Grandshaw Cup. Highest Points, Pot Plants                                                         Bill Howarth

Golds Candelabra. Best Exhibit, Pot Plants, excluding bulbs                                    ”

Golds Shield. Best Exhibit, Bulbs in Pots                                                                       ”

Ladies’ Spring Cup. Highest Points, Sections 1 to 6                                               Lara Wood

Spring Show Cup. Runner up to Highest Points, Sections 1 to 6                     Shaun Vallard

Benson Cup. Highest Points, Sections 1 to 6                                                           Bill Howarth

Shield. Best Exhibit, Class 23                                                                                       Lara Wood

Silver Trophy. Best Exhibit, Other Cut Flowers, excluding Class 23                 Bill Howarth

Two Diploma Awards for Daffodil Classes                                                         Ray Hayward

Best Bloom in Daffodils                                         Beaulieu                                   Ray Hayward                                                                                                                                                         Medal for Best Vase in Show                                                                                Eric Pickard

Broadwey and Upwey Daffodil Championship Salver                            Ray Hayward


Daffodils, Mr D Phillips
Horticulture, Mr. D. Luther
Floral Art, Mrs S Bendall
Cookery, Handicrafts, and Children’s Classes, Natalie Green
Photography, Mr J Downer